Resume For Steve Morris

This resume has been sanitised for the web in order to preserve my privacy somewhat. I am happy to provide a full version of this resumé on request at the email address below.

Personal Details

Full name: Steven Morris
Other contact information deleted for privacy reasons - please contact for a complete copy.
Date of birth: October 31, 1972
Nationality: British
Marital status: Married
Education: 1st class BSc. (Hons.) Computation, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, 1994

Employment History

November 2002-Present: Arcadyan Technology Corp. - Taipei, Taiwan (Senior Research Engineer / Software Lead)

Arcadyan is a joint venture between Philips Electronics and Accton Technology Corp., a leading supplier of wireless networking equipment. I rejoined Philips as this joint venture was established, and joined the new company as a senior engineer in the company's Advanced Technology Centre. Since then, I have moved into the position of technical lead.

The main focus of Arcadyan is to build innovative wireless multimedia devices, bringing wireless technology to home entertainment. My role in this company involves software development, developing product specifications, discussing schedules and product changes with customers and our sales teams, co-ordinating activities with other development teams within the company. As an experienced developer of CE products, I also act as a technical consultant to those parts of our development team with less experience in this area and to those projects needing television-related expertise.

I have been involved in several projects for this venture, delivering products to customers in both Europe and the US. This work has given me knowledge of technologies such as 802.11 wireless networking and UPnP, and has also given me more experience of co-ordinating many different parts of an organisation in order to develop completely new products for demanding customers.

May 2002-November 2002: Advanced Digital Broadcast, Ltd. - Taipei, Taiwan (Project Manager/Technical Sales Manager, Asia-Pacific)

This position involved a mixture of technical sales and project management for ADB's customers in Asia. This included technical sales and pre-sales work, such as preparing technical proposals for potential customers and helping to prepare marketing materials.

I was project manager for several large projects in Asia. In this role, I was the main point of contact with the customer, and with the engineering and sales staff of ADB on technical issues relating to the project. I had overall responsibility for delivering a reliable product to the customer on time. This involved solving technical and logistical problems with the customer and other suppliers and driving every aspect of the project to completion.

This work gave me a detailed view of every part of the product lifecycle, from initial proposal to final delivery. It required a high level of communication skills to deal with customers who in some cases had no previous experience of digital TV deployments, and to co-ordinate product development between engineers in several countries.

During my time at ADB, I was also able to build on my technical background, adding knowledge of the hardware issues involved in building digital TV products and becoming familiar with the process of bringing a product from first prototype to mass production. I was also able to add experience of the commercial aspect of the work, gaining experience of the issues involved in defining a product and selling it successfully to customers.


March 2001-May 2002: Philips Research East Asia - Taipei, Taiwan (Senior Research Engineer)

My work for Philips Taiwan involved developing scalable content adaptation solutions for HTML and XML content. These solutions were aimed at improving the usability of Internet content on mobile devices such as PDAs and mobile phones. I was responsible for investigating and developing a prototype solution running on a PDA platform.

Developing the prototype software involved a detailed knowledge of HTML and XML, as well as other W3C standards and Java Servlet development. As a result of this work, two patents were granted in the areas of web browsing and content adaptation.

Other work during this period included specification and implementation of a new user interface architecture for Philips Monitors, to replace existing software in their range of LCD monitors with a more flexible, scalable and maintainable solution.

July 1994-February 2001: Philips Research Laboratories - Redhill, U.K. (Senior Research Scientist)

For over four years, I was a member of the team providing support for Philips standardisation efforts in the area of interactive digital television. This work included helping to define the DVB Multimedia Home Platform, JavaTV, DAVIC and MHEG family of standards, as well as some involvement in the OpenCable standardisation process.

I provided a large amount of technical input to the DVB MHP standard, and helped to define several of the MHP and JavaTV APIs as well as helping define and verify other areas of the standard. I was also one of the senior members of a team that developed a prototype MHP implementation for demonstration and validation purposes. This work involved the specification of STB hardware and software architectures, work planning and co-ordination between different development teams, and the design and development of highly complex pieces of software within the defined architecture.

Over 200 prototype systems were supplied to a large number of internal and external customers. This was widely regarded as the de-facto MHP reference implementation for early developers, and was demonstrated at many major broadcasting and consumer electronics exhibitions worldwide, including IFA, IBC, CeBIT and NAB, by Philips and other companies. Several companies are still using this solution at the time of writing.

As well as developing the MHP software stack, this work included technical support for internal and external customers, technical consulting for Philips product divisions, developing MHP applications for demonstration purposes, and evangelising the MHP standard. I also developed and ran an MHP training course, which has since formed the basis of an MHP training course offered to the rest of the industry by Philips.

I am an expert in Java and interactive digital TV standards and technologies, and have a good working knowledge of the issues involved in creating digital TV content and in creating and deploying digital TV receivers.

In total, I have over nine years of experience with object-oriented design and software development, including over six years of experience developing complex Java-based solutions including Java virtual machines. I hold ten patents relating to Java memory management in low-memory environments and to interactive digital TV systems.

Other Information


I am primary author of 'Interactive TV Standards'. This will provide digital TV application and middleware developers with a real-world guide to the new open standards for digital interactive TV, including JavaTV, MHP, OCAP, and ACAP. Publication is due in early 2005 from Elsevier, a division of Focal Press.

Due to the detailed technical focus of this book, I have a detailed knowledge of the OCAP, MHP and ACAP standards, as well as the architectural and practical issues involved in exploiting the commonality between these platforms. As the primary author, I have the responsibility to deliver the manuscript on time to the agreed specifications.

Web site:

I am webmaster and the main contributor for The Interactive TV Web ( or,a web site dedicated to open standards for digital interactive television. This site receives over 40,000 separate page visits per month on average, mostly from interactive content developers or MHP implementers. It has been described by many in the digital TV community as the best tutorial site for MHP, OCAP and JavaTV available to date.

Tutorials from the web site are currently used as teaching material for the 'Application Development for iDTV' course at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and Technologies.

I am also a frequent contributor to the Sun Microsystems JavaTV forums and the MHP forums on the official MHP web site.


I hold a number of patents in the areas of web browsing, Internet content adaptation, memory management in low-memory environments, and digital TV.

Other skills:

Intermediate-level Mandarin Chinese speaker